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    High-quality, robust-design, ITTF approved, steel-sheet made, screw-on net set. The robust screws guaranty excellent stability and high durability. colours: black or blue

    450 kr
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  • 499 kr 640 kr Order Item

    Space-saving, budget-price towel box made from robust cardboard.Size: 70x29x29 (L/B/H) 4 boxes

    499 kr 640 kr
    Reduced price!
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  • 750 kr Order Item

    Easy-to-use umpire table. A must for any club. Very small when folded. Robust but light. Easy storage thanks to small size. Including protection covering for safe storage. (without scoreboard)

    750 kr
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  • 1 800 kr Order Item

    The stable GEWO Midi table is ideal for home use. It comes fully assembled and is easy to set up / take down. Net set included. Comes in cardboard packaging.Dimensions: 125 x 75 x 72 cmWeight: 16 kg

    1 800 kr
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  • 2 000 kr Order Item

    The idea behind the newly developed TSP surrounds is that they should be more stable and long lasting. The interesting construction, with two horizontal poles, bans the possibility of the surrounds hanging down in the middle. In comparison to previous models, the whole construction is much more solid. Length: 2,33 mColours: Green / Blue

    2 000 kr
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  • 3 000 kr Order Item

    10 Surroundes from Gewo, easy handling and compact storage room. Poles made of galvanized steel pipe. Covering made of blue PVC film. Leave by the T-foot system to make the borders together. Length 2.33 m / height 0.67 m

    3 000 kr
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  • 3 200 kr Order Item

    New surrounds with well thought connectors. Foil made of very robust plastic material printed on one side with the TSP logo. Length: 2,00 m / High: 0,71 m Colours: Green or Blue Package of 10

    3 200 kr
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  • 3 850 kr Order Item

    The new TSP Towel Box is a practical device which shouldn‘t be missed in any gym! The nicely designed box is very variable. It can be used as a towel box or a box for multiball training. The height is adjustable to your needs. 4 boxes

    3 850 kr
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  • 4 400 kr Order Item

    The solid construction, made out of 100% wood, guarantees a very stable referee table. It is easy to assemble and doesn`t need much stowing room. Ideal for tournaments.

    4 400 kr
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  • 6 500 kr Order Item

    High-end competition table for use in national and international tournaments and competitions. Robust table for club use. The table meets Class A requirements of EN 14468-1. The 25 mm thick Micro fine chipboard guarantees optimum high-speed playing proper. Net not included

    6 500 kr
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  • 7 500 kr Order Item

    High-quality competition table. Featuring a 22 mm thick special surface providing for optimum, high-speed playing properties and ensuring uniform bouncing of the ball. Robust, durable steel frame. Automatically engaging locks, for safe unlocking Net not included

    7 500 kr
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  • 8 500 kr Order Item

    Gewo SC 25 Premium is the premium model of the Gewo table series. Pure elegance, long life, compactness, stability, maximum and state-of-the-art safety standards plus excellent and consistent bouncing - Gewo SC 25 Premium is the perfect choice! Net not included

    8 500 kr
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Showing 13 - 24 of 25 items