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    Very stable metal set with handy height adjustment screw and smooth locking screw. Suitable for school and club sport.

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    Massive metal set with height adjuster in clamping technology. For quick assembly and disassembly. Suitable for school and club sport.

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    ITTF approved, steel-sheet made net set with clip-on clamps and easy-setup mechanism. The robust adjusting screw enables easy height adjustment. colours: black, blue

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    Very compact, plastic-coated steel-sheet net. Easy-to-use, solid clip. Easy handling. Rubber pads protect your table. Meets all ITTF requirements.

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    Felt pad protected clamps. Black net with replaceable metal adapter. Easy and quick handling. ITTF-approved.

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    High-quality, robust-design, ITTF approved, steel-sheet made, screw-on net set. The robust screws guaranty excellent stability and high durability. colours: black or blue

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items