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Japsko.se - The Chinese and Pimpled Rubber Specialist
VAT-number: SE 5590 2721 9001

Japsko Import AB
c/o Per Åkesson
Aron Lindgrens väg 8 bv

Visiting address
Trehörningen 3

Phone: +46 8 583 501 31
E-mail: tt@japsko.com

Japsko in its present shape started in 1991 since then has Britt-Louise and Lars Borg developed and sold table tennis equipment in Sweden, the Nordic countries and all around Europe. From August 2016 Japsko has new owner, Anton Åkesson and Per Åkesson. Japsko is a knowledge company in table tennis and among the leading companies for Chinese rubbers and pimpled rubbers in Europe. Our goal is to have excellent service and help you to find your best choice of products.

Guaranteed satisfaction for the customer

Our main aim is to find the correct equipment for you. We are among the leading companies in Europe for Chinese rubbers and pimpled rubbers. Despite that, we have a product range for all playing styles. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. Therefore you can be confident as a customer to Japsko. You have the right to return products within two weeks if they  are not used. If something should be wrong with a product, we will react direct and correct the problem. You get the money back or a new product without fault.


Customers from abroad must pay in advance with bank wire or through paypal.

Japsko AB,  Storgatan 77   385 40  Bergkvara     tel. +46  486  20082
Bank name: Swedbank 105 34 Stockholm
Bank (SWIFT) Code: Swedsess
IBAN: SE53 8000 0816 9597 3304 8558 


Letters and packages are generally dispatched the same day we recieve  the payment and are shipped in normal letters and postage packages.

We ship worldwide. Here are some examples of shipping times for letters: 

2 days Denmark, Finland, 
2-3 days  Norway, UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Malta 
2-4 days Spain
3-4 days Japan, Slovenien, Italy (Rome, Milano), Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, 
3-5 days, Italy, Greece
4-5 days US, Canada, Brasil
4-6 days Israel
5-6 days Malaysia, Turkey, South Korea
5-7 days Rumania
6-7 days Australia, Chile, Bulgaria
6-8 days Serbia
7-12 days Russia

Note! For orders over 3 kg contact Japsko.