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    Hallmark Phoenix is a slow long pimpled rubber with Hallmark super anti sponge. You can block topspin with a high level of control and give backspin in return. The 1,0mm is slower than OX and have more control.

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    SpinLord Agenda is a further development of SpinLord Dornenglanz with very elastic and even softer pimples. In this way a max pimple flexibility and disruptive effect is created. Slightly slower and control slightly better than Dornenglanz. In chops from mid-distance  Agenda is clearly better. Ideal for for an allround game close to the table and from...

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    SpinLord Dornenglanz is a longpimpled rubber with extremely high disruptive effekt, due to the widely spaced out thin pimples and an innovative pimple surface. Soft and simple to play with. Ideal both for a blocking game close to the table and for classic defense. The sponge are Japsko glued.

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    Tibhar Grass D.Tecs have very good disruptive effect. This rubber are used by World Class defense players and have good dampening effect in chops from behind. This rubber are relatively fast but still good control.

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    Dr Neubauer Dornenglanz II is a long pimple rubber for allround play with a strong disruptive efffect. Pimple structure almost as Dornenglanz but with entirely new rubber mixture. Strength in every stroke but is still very dangerous. Attacks and chops from behind are especially good but even in blocks close to the table it is almost as good as...

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    Giant Dragon Talon National Team have high disturbing effect. This is a rather fast rubber. A good allround long pimpled rubber, easy to use in attack, focus close to the table. This National Team version is developed for the new plastic ball.

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    Sauer & Tröger is a long pimpled rubber developed by two longpimple players from Germany. They have been looking for a longpimpled rubber which is slow but still dangerous and they did not find anyone. Now they have developed such a rubber, Hellfire. It is very easy to use in chops from behind and in pushes over the table with good control. The sponge...

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Showing 61 - 67 of 67 items