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    Japsko Offense/Defence is a 5-ply blade with hard thin vaneer on the fh-side and thick soft vaneer on the bh-side. Height 16,3cm, Width 15,5cm, thickness 6,2mm.  Weight 85+-2g.

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    Combiblade with a slow backhand, excellent for pimples and defensive play. Faster forehand for attacking play. Oversize and ACT-system (Antivibration Cork Technology) gives increased sweet spot and allows more mistakes. The blade have 5-ply and a weight at ca 67g. Thickness blade 0,7cm H 16,3cm, W 15,7cm

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    Wizard is a new combined blade which offers low speed and perfect control on the backhand side and all benefits like an offensive blade on the forehand side. For blocking close to the table with anti spin rubbers, long or short pimples Wizard offers maximum control and effective passive play.The new Wizard blade is the perfect tool to play a combined game...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items